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Sustainability Month is here!! February 4, 2009

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Hey Calvin College,

This is the OFFICIAL blog of the Kill-a-Watt competition at Calvin College. February is sustainability month, and Calvin is participating by hosting a competition between the dorms on many sustainability topics. Electricity, water, food, and reduce/reuse/recycle will all be covered, along with a month long energy-reduction contest. The dorm that reduces their electricity consumption the most over the month of February compared to last February wins!

the point of this blog is to keep those of you in the dorms up to date on the events occurring around campus this month, as well as the standings in the points contest, as WELL as updates on how much energy the dorms are using throughout the month. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Enjoy Sustainability Month, and keep checking in for updates!!

-The Kill-a-Watt Crew


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