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non-final numbers. Electricity savings. March 10, 2009

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THESE ARE NOT FINAL NUMBERS! These are the electricity savings plus the points they were awarded according to 10pts per percentage and a 50 pt bonus for going over 15%. These numbers reflect not only the work that we did this month in the halls, but also the change from Calvin instituting the use of high efficiency light fixtures in the halls as well. So congratulations are due on both sides…good for students saving energy, good for calvin making steps toward efficiency.

on a final note, BHT’s electrical saving of 26% is unheard of! This is really rare. Great Job BHT! And great job to everyone! We all reached our goal and saved over 15% (which is what studies say is a good savings for the first year of an energy comp!) Nice work everyone!

BHT – 26.8% – 318pts

BB – 23% – 280pts

NVW – 21.8% – 268pts

SE – 20.9% – 259pts

BV – 16.8% – 218pts

KHvR – 16%  – 210pts

RVD – 15.6% – 206pts


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