Kill-a-watt at Calvin

Learning to live in awareness of others

DREAM certification December 18, 2009

DREAM seal - generalAre you living the DREAM?

We’ve added an exciting new element to this year’s Kill-a-Watt program – DREAM certification! That stands for Dorm Room Environmental Awareness Movement; it’s a measurement of how you care for the environment in your personal life. Using categories similar to those in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification for residential spaces, a 40-question survey will evaluate you on water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, awareness and education, and innovation. 22+ points (or questions that you can honestly answer in the affirmative) will put you at a bronze level, 26+ at silver, 30+ at gold, and 34+ at platinum. Your RA will go through the survey with you and turn it in to your RD for approval.

Apartment Environmental Awareness Movement seal

See a copy of the survey at your dorm desk and ask your RA to schedule a time to go through it with you!

For apartments too!


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