Kill-a-watt at Calvin

Learning to live in awareness of others

Events January 5, 2011

Kill-a-watt Events
If you’d like to earn Kill-A-Watt points by attending these events, please be sure to pick up a point card at the event & turn it into the collection box at your hall desk afterwards.
Kill-a-Watt Kick-Off Open Mic Night – Come listen to music, check out artwork, listen to stories, and snack.

• Friday, Jan. 7th. Mingling: 6:30pm Program:7:30-9:30pm

• @ Fishhouse, 4 points (including the bonus point)

Meatless Monday. Opt to go meatless for lunch. Eating less meat helps the world’s poor, saves energy and reduces pollution.

• Monday, Jan 10, lunch• @ Dining halls, 1 point

Low Impact Man. A man tries to leave no impact on the world for one year, and bring his family along with him. Don’t miss this hilarious little experiment in living.

  • Tuesday, Jan 11, 8pm-10pm
  • @ Recital Hall in CFAC, 8 pts

West environmental Action Council: Energy Forum. Meet with local environmentalists to explore wind energy. Does it work? Is it feasible and practical?

• Wednesday, Jan 12,  7-9pm

• @ Recital Hall, 8pts

An Inconvenient Truth. Documentary about climate change, part of DCM film series

  • Thursday, Jan. 13, 10:30am, 2pm, & 7:30pm
  • @ Commons Lecture Hall

John Muir and the Religion of Nature. Hear Donald
philosophy an early wilderness preservation advocate. January Series Lecture.

  • Wednesday, Jan 19th, 12:30pm
  • @ CFAC 4 pts (pick up points in the CFAC main lobby afterwards)

Place Matters.
Come discover why your address might be a good indication of your health. What environmental factors cause health problems, and why do they usually affect low-income families?

  • Bytwerk Theater
  • Thursday, January 20 8pm
  • 8 points

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