Kill-a-watt at Calvin

Learning to live in awareness of others

About January 5, 2011

Kill-a-Watt Sustainability Month is a holistic educational program in the residence halls to inspire and instill good stewardship in students. It is set up as a campus-wide competition to increase awareness and application of sustainability in Christian community. The program features educational events such as film and lectures and habit-forming events like the dining hall challenges, as well as both quantitative and qualitative evaluations of on-campus students’ commitment to sustainability.

Six Ways to Earn Kill-a-watt points

1. Attend a Kill-a-watt event in your dorm. 3-8 points -events over 1 hour long are worth 8

2. Attend a Kill-a-watt field trip with your dorm. 3-8 points -most field
trips are worth 8

3. Participate in Kill-a-watt events on campus. 1-8 points – see poster, most
are worth 8

4. Conserve electricity in your room and dorm. 50-500 points (Average
electricity usage per occupant will be measured in each dorm & points will awarded accordinglyto different dorms as a whole)

5. Get your room DREAM certified. 1-5 points. (see poster)Participate in a Kill-a-watt Lifestyle Challenge. 10 points (see poster,

6. sign-up sheets are on your floor).
The winning dorm will:

1. Have learned a lot about how to be good stewards of creation.

2. Have extra open house hours throughout all of March.


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